DSC04604.JPGMy name is Pat Yale. I have been writing about Turkey for best part of a quarter of a century now, in guidebooks, articles and now mainly in my online guidebook, http://www.turkeyfromtheinside.com.

Starting in April of this year I am planning to retrace the journeys of Gertrude Bell in the dying days of the Ottoman Empire. Bell came here several times both as a tourist and as an archaeologist and researcher into Byzantine church architecture. She wrote two books specifically about places in what is now Turkey: The A Thousand and One Churches (with Sir William M. Ramsey) and  The Churches and Monasteries of the Tur Abdin. Others of her books, including Persian Letters, From Amurath and Amurath, and The Desert and the Sown, also contain accounts of her adventures in Turkey even if that is not their main focus. In addition Bell left a rich legacy of letters and diaries, all of them now made available online by University of Newcastle.

For purposes of this project I will be amalgamating all her different journeys into one long loop around the country.

You can keep in touch with my travels here as well as via my Twitter feed (@patyale) or my Facebook page (turkeyfromtheinside.com).

Many thanks to Gertrude Bell’s archivist for permission to reproduce the photograph of her.



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  1. Hi Pat, LOVE reading you and truly admire you for doing this wonderful journey in her footsteps. I love the thought of someone taking the same road years later to get a grasp of her experiences. I’ll keep following your footsteps (reading you while being very laid back on the swinging couch in the lush garden in Leiden, the Netherlands, this time ;). Stay safe and enjoy it all, big hug, Esther.


    • Thanks for your kind words, Esther. Love to think you’re following along with Gertrude too. It’s been fantastic so far. Have met some wonderful, helpful, interesting people along the way. Burası Türkiye!


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